Investment in advertising and marketing is inversely proportional to how good the product may be. Overall, a good product does not need to be advertised.

And that we have found with this new task. A GOOD PRODUCT.

Vallfirest is a young brand with character. Emerged from the vision of creating new products and redesigning current. Used by firefighters and foresters, who work in different countries and regions.

The work that we care is simple. This is a promotional clip and product photography. A project was developed in a photo-studio and at the battlefield where firefighters and foresters make use of the material in a controlled burn (or fire drill).

It is a job that does not need a marketing plus, does not need to search or make an elaborate viral campaign, much less does not need to lie. JUST TO SHOW HOW IS THE PRODUCT. How easy to say, but if we get it, we earned this medal!

Photography & Art Direction: Estudi Erba - Roger Blasco
Video: Estudi Erba - Salvador Blasco & David Durà
Film editing and post production of Vallfirest's promotional video: Lapospo -

Barcelona 2013