La Canonja New Website

La Canonja launches new website. The new tool, which has a more modern design and more benefits to the citizen, has been driven by the areas of new technologies and social communication and created by Estudi Erba.

This new page has a responsive web design, the appearance adapts to different devices and screens (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) that can be used to view it. Its structure is not rigid and allows modifications to meet future needs and to extend life in this digital world with essentially constant change. Furthermore, the content is organized in a way that favors a more intuitive navigation towards users and improves the administration making it faster and easier.

The design and programming are designed to meet accessibility standards for all persons using, sharing content and better interaction with social networks. And in order to make more visible the municipality through the network, its content is indexable in different search engines, for example Google.

The design is simple but vivid colors , with a minimalist use of elements , and the pictures are of higher quality and resolution than allowing the previous web publishing .

As for content improvements , note that the new tool has a new section " Procedures and services " where you can view all types of administrative procedures carried out in the council offices . The section contains the procedures classified by type with the information necessary for processing. For example , you can find who may request it , which will be processed , deadlines, fees, ... and also allows download the relevant application .

Photography: Estudi Erba - Roger Blasco
Web Design: Estudi Erba - Roger Blasco & Uliana Musikhina
Web Development: Alex Morales

Client: Ajuntament de la Canonja
Year 2015