Digaonal Magazine

Diagonal is a free printed magazine and critical thinking whose main themes are architecture, city, public space and design.
The main aim of the journal is to encourage DIAGONAL criticism in the world of architecture, public space and design from multiple fields offering a cross section of the various technical, humanistic and artistic disciplines of architecture and the city showing its high cultural value. The publication aims to show a little cryptic image of the themes in it are treated in order to be understandable to a wider audience, without losing the quality and capacity of critical texts. In this sense, DIAGONAL opts for article writing and does not publish projects.
Chuck quarterly.
The magazine is distributed free in schools of architecture and design, and cultural institutions, associations of architects and specialist bookshops. several Spanish cities: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Granada, La Coruña, Tarragona and Girona.

Editors: Roger Blasco (Estudi Erba) - Ricard Gratacòs - Carles Barcena
Editorial design: Guim Espelt guimworks.net
Since 2002 (Original Idea : Albert Comerma)

Awards: Medal COAC (Official College of Architects of Catalonia).